Laschet Consulting

In 2016 Copier Bevel Machines took over the company ARLA. The previous ARLA

engineering division, which included simulation services and CAE vibration studies of

drive systems, is managed by the independent company LASCHET CONSULTING in

Germany ( The ARLA machine division is now part of Copier’s

extended machine product strategy.

The high-end endworking solutions ARLA developed are an excellent addition to the

supply Copier already offers. The expertise of Copier lies within the metal pipe cutting,

beveling, welding, bending and roll-grooving machinery. This wide, overall knowledge

and experience provides you with the best possible solutions and the best possible

machines. Good looking, easy to handle, solid, decent and reliable. Machines that

deliver a perfect result and make work easy. And fast.

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Our business


Copier manufactures stationary pipe beveling machines. The different models bevel pipes up to 56 inches. We also offer stationary machines that cut and bevel within one operation.
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Copier manufactures tube bending machines for both portable and stationary use. The various models bent pipes up to 3 inches.

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Copier manufactures pipe roll grooving machines, developed for grooving sprinkler and irrigation pipes. The different types groove pipes up to 24 inches.
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Copier manufactures automated pipe spool welding machines. The available models can handle a large range of pipe diameters: from 3 up to 42 inches.
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