Clamping devices

Clamping devices – centrical and repeatable

Our clamping devices are a modular concept. This makes the system easy to install and integrate in machines and installations. Workpiece clamping systems have to meet strict requirements when it comes to complying with the required workpiece tolerances. As most of the workpieces are symmetrical (e.g. shafts, pipes, tubes, bars, profiles), centrical workholding with a high repeatability for workpieces is a key issue.

Outstanding reliability

Our clamping device is a compact, versatile clamping system designed for the fast, centric and precise workholding of (mostly) round workpieces. Depending on the workpiece size and shape, special changeable jaw sets are used. This way the workpiece center remains constant; readjustment is unnecessary. The clamping system distinguishes itself in outstanding reliability and is designed for the roughest production procedures.

Easy integration, short clamping time

Copiers clamping systems are easy to integrate in manufacturing lines and are available in manual, pneumatic and hydraulic versions. Diameters vary from 5 up to 410 mm (0.2" – 16"). Due to the wide opening clamping arms, workpieces can be inserted from the top, in axial direction or via a circular motion. The opening of the clamping arms can be adjusted up to a defined angle. This way a very short clamping time can be achieved.

Advantages of Copier clamping devices

  • Precise centric clamping repeatability (repeatability < 0.01 mm)
  • Constant clamping force with remaining concentricity
  • High clamping forces for a safe and gently clamp, to support high radial & axial forces and torques (up to 280 kN)
  • Very short clamping time (0.25 - 0.8 sec)
  • Changeable jaw sets for different workpiece diameters, without center offset
  • Solid mechanical technology; very stiff design

Clamping solutions


Actuation: M = manual, P = pneumatic, H = hydraulic

The clamping technology for the manual, pneumatic and hydraulic version is mechanically based. Therefore the available clamping forces remain comparable. Our engineers are pleased to help find out which actuating system is the best option for your application.


  • Independent of energy source
  • Used in mobile systems and on pallets
  • Also used to support the assembly (gripping & holding function)


  • Extra short clamping process (approx. 0.25 - 0.4 sec) Generation of high clamping forces
  • Cost-effective configuration due to simple retrofitting in existing machines
  • Opt. monitoring of the arm position (opened/closed)


  • Higher clamping forces due to improved pressure control
  • Simple adjustment of various clamping forces
  • Compact cylinder design
  • Opt. monitoring of the arm position (opened/closed)
  • Possible to combine with manually operated pumps

Clamping jaw sets and adapters

Depending on the workpiece specially adapted clamping jaws are used inside the clamping arms. Each half of the clamping jaw is fixed in axial direction by a collar and fixed by one screw. This way he clamping jaws can be changed rapidly and the production can continue within a short amount of time.

Principally one specific pair of clamping jaws is required for one specific workpiece diameter or shape. But… a clamping jaw adapter makes it possible to use the same clamping jaw for a wider range of diameters or shapes. This procedure is particularly useful for the implementation of production guidelines and utility standards. Also price advantages arise through the usage of smaller clamping jaws.

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